First Aid Training

First Aid Training: It Only Takes One Day to Ensure a Safer Home

Basic first aid training course is a one-day training course that aims to equip you with essential life-saving skills. Completing this course can actually benefit you in more ways than you expected.

First Aid TrainingIt is estimated that over one million children under 18 years of age are brought to emergency departments due to injuries and accidents at home. Countless more receive first aid at home or are treated at the doctor’s clinic.

Taking a basic first aid course can mean the difference between life and death. The initial care you provide can significantly increase the victim’s chances of recovery. First aid refers to the actions that are taken to help manage the immediate medical needs of a person. It can be as simple as providing reassurance or controlling bleeding, or as highly skilled as
providing rescue breathing or CPR. When done effectively, first aid techniques are truly life-saving.

Accidental injuries are still among the leading causes of death for children under age of one. There are more children die from accidents than from dreaded diseases such as meningitis or leukemia. At least 3 in 10 parents have had to rush their child to the emergency department at some point. Furthermore, at least 8 in 10 parents would not know what to do in emergencies such as choking, burns, or falls. The number of childhood deaths due to accidents and injuries is alarming.

Majority of accidents in the home can actually be prevented. Increasing awareness on potential accident risks at home can have a profound effect in the prevention of unwanted injuries and deaths. Household members should take some steps to ensure safety at home. Taking a one-day first aid course can provide you with invaluable information about how to keep your house safe, which will certainly give you lasting peace of mind.

Children are at increased risk for injuries and accidents. You have to balance their need to be able to enjoy and explore their surroundings with keeping the place as safe as possible for them. Moreover, you should know how to provide first aid for common emergencies and accidents in children. It will make a major difference if you are able to provide prompt and proper first aid. For example, in case of burns, running the burn site under cool water can help stop the burning process from progressing preventing further burns.

First aid courses are offered by your local workplace approved chapter and some training partners across the country. These courses often last for a day or two with very flexible schedule. Take a practical course today and learn how to respond in cases of emergencies at home. The skills you learn through these trainings can help ensure a safe home for your family!


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