Components of First Aid and CPR Training in the Workplace

The importance of having first aid and CPR training even ordinary residents is best showcased in the fact that there are several components that business owners need to comply to when it comes to first aid and CPR training in the workplace. If businesses do not comply to these requirements, they are at great risk for being shut down or sued by their own employees or customers. This is why it is important to learn about these components. Here are some of the components of first aid and CPR training in the workplace.


workplace approved First Aid and CPR Re-Certification TrainingThere are certain provinces and territories in Canada that are more prone to workplace injuries and fatality. These areas have higher requirements when it comes to the other aspects of first aid and CPR such as the type of first aid training that employees should have as well as the type of first aid kits that should be present in the workplace.

Worksite Type

Since certain industries or business establishments are more prone to accidents and fatalities especially those that make use of heavy equipments and hazardous materials, some worksites should have more advanced first aid kits trained employees.

Trained employees

The number of trained employees mainly depend on the number of untrained employees in the workplace. In many industries and areas, there should be at least one trained employee for every ten employees who are not trained in first aid or CPR. These numbers can also go up if the workplace is more than 20 minutes away from a healthcare facility.


Ideally, business establishments should not be more than 20 minutes away from a nearby healthcare facility. For businesses who go beyond this prescribed distance, the first aid kits should be more advanced and there should be more trained employees. Business establishments that are more than 40 minutes away from a healthcare facility are considered as isolated and normally require the most number of trained employees and more advanced first aid kits.

From a non-business perspective, these components can be used by non-residents as standards when it comes to the first aid training that they will sign up for and the first aid kits that they are going to buy. Business establishments on the other hand can use these standards and components to assess the current state of their workplace environment and determine if changes should be made or if they are complying with the rules that are set forth and supported by the St Mark James.


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