First Aid and CPR Training in Windsor

More and more schools and employers have been requiring students and employees for workplace approved certification. Because of this, the number of training service providers for workplace approved certification has been increasing. However, Windsor First Aid is the best provider in the Windsor area. Classes are high quality and offered at the least expensive rates. Windsor First Aid only offers the best to prospective trainees.


Visit the Windsor First Aid website here. A complete list of classes, rates, and schedules can be found on the site to help you choose the program you want. Afterwards, just send an e-mail, give a call, or walk-in during business hours in any of the training centers in Windsor to enrol.

To give you an idea of what programs are offered, take a look at the list below.

Staying safe during first aid and CPR training in Windsor

Learn proper techniques with staying safe during first aid and CPR training in Windsor

  • Standard Child care first aid
  • Standard first aid and CPR
  • Emergency Childcare first aid and CPR
  • Emergency first aid and CPR
  • Babysitting first aid and CPR
  • Basic Marine first aid
  • CPR C
  • CPR A

More about Windsor First Aid

  • Cheap course rates. Trainees who want to save money can find no other training service provider that offers cheaper courses while keeping quality training. Fees are only paid during enolment, with no additional expenses during the rest of the training period. Taxes, certification, and training manuals are included in the fees.
  • Full refunds. If you decide to drop out of your training program, just give a 72-hour notice beforehand and a full refund of the enrolment fee will be given to you.
  • Large selection of programs. Windsor First Aid has the largest selection of full courses and stand-alone classes in Windsor.
  • Private instructors. If you want to get trained at home or provide training for a business event, Windsor First Aid also offers private instructors.
  • St Mark James certification. Certificates are awarded after the training program has been completed. They are renewable every 36 months through refresher programs.
  • Refresher programs. Windsor First Aid offers refresher programs twice a week.
  • Top-of-the-line training equipment. All of the classrooms at Windsor First Aid are equipped with the latest AED trainers, training mannequins, and first aid training kits.

Did You Know?

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that manifests in later life as a decrease in mental faculties. People suffering from Alzheimer’s first notice memory troubles – like forgetting where they put their keys or glasses. Symptoms manifest as gradual loss of social and intellectual skills because the connections in the brain begin to degenerate and die. While dementia can be associated with normal aging, Alzheimer’s is a disease that needs management. There is no known cure for it yet but there is medication that can slow the progression of symptoms.

Individuals enrolled in training courses with Windsor First Aid will learn how to recognize and manage emergencies with victims of all ages and mental conditions. Learn to save a life today.