First Aid and CPR Training in Victoria

Pediatric training mannequin and bag valve mask

Pediatric training mannequin and bag valve mask

Be prepared for emergencies such as heart attacks, seizures, stroke, anaphylaxis, broken bones and deadly bleeding by enrolling in workplace approved first aid and CPR courses in Victoria. The lowest priced, highest quality and most popular provider in Victoria is Victoria First Aid. Registration for courses is incredibly easy and can be done on-line here, by telephone or email using the contact information posted below. Typical first aid and CPR course participants include government employees, health care professionals, doctors, nurses, caregivers, teachers, security guards, police officers, CBSA officers, construction workers, oil workers, gas workers, miners and many more. Strengthen your resume, learn life saving skills and get certified by taking workplace and academic approved first aid and CPR training in Victoria today.

How Do I Contact This Provider?

To register with this leading provider of first aid services use the following contact information:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Telephone:¬†1-888-870-7002 (Toll Free)

Friendly and welcoming customer service agents are available from 7 am to 6 pm Monday through Sunday. On-line registration is available 24 hours a day.

What Courses Are Available?

Various courses are available with this provider. Here’s a list of some of the more popular courses available:

  • Occupational first aid level 1
  • Standard first aid, CPR and AED
  • Emergency first aid, CPR and AED
  • Food safe level 1
  • Food safe level 2
  • Basic life support (BLS)
  • Advanced life support (ALS)
  • CPR level ‘A’
  • CPR level ‘C’
  • CPR level ‘HCP’
  • Pet first aid
  • Babysitting first aid

For more information about these courses use the contact information posted above.

What Other Services Are Available?

This provider not only provides courses in the Victoria area it also offers the following services:

  • Emergency medical response consulting
  • First aid equipment, re-stocking and supply sales
  • On-line training programs
  • Private employee and personnel training
  • First aid attendee services for workplaces and events

For more information for the above mentioned services use the contact information above.

What Are People Saying About this Provider?

Check out the following customer testimonials about this provider:

I was really nervous about taking a first aid course because I have never taken one before. I was pleasantly surprised on how much fun I had in the course. It was very interactive and the teacher made it really easy to learn. The activities helped me understand and provided me with the confidence to manage these emergencies in the real world. I am very grateful for the experience and I strongly recommend this provider.

Here’s another recent review

We needed a private occupational first aid course in Victoria and we needed it fast. This training provider was very accommodating and helped us book a course last minute. The price was amazing and the service was exceptional.

Find out what this Victoria provider has to offer and register today.

Did You Know?

Dressing a wound with gauze

Dressing a wound with gauze

Animal bites

Animal bites carry many dangerous bacteria and microorganisms as well. Keep the wound clean at all time and change the bandage daily or when it becomes dirty. Signs of an infected wound are swelling, pain, bad odor (a fishy smell), and non-white discharge oozing from the wound. See a doctor immediately if any of these signs and symptoms are experienced.