First Aid and CPR Training in Saskatoon

First Aid and CPR Training in Saskatoon

First Aid and CPR Training in Saskatoon teaches participants the latest CPR rescue techniques including effective methods of checking breathing on unconscious victims.

Would you know what to do if a loved one was having a seizure or if he or she started choking? Would you recognize a stroke? Learn these valuable skills by enrolling in basic and / or advanced first aid training. The largest, most popular and experienced provider of Saskatchewan approved first aid, CPR and AED courses is Saskatoon First Aid. An assortment of CPR and AED classes are also available including levels “A”, “C” and “HCP”.  Participants can also register for on-line safety training, food handling certification, pet first aid and babysitting training. Registration is quick and easy with enrolment details posted below. To enroll in CPR and AED classes with Saskatoon First Aid via on-line registration click here.

First aid and CPR Training techniques - Splinting

Learn rescue techniques such as splinting by enrolling in first aid and CPR training in Saskatoon.

Register for a Course Here

Registering for a course is easy! Simply use the contact information below or visit the website where you can view the schedule and register on-line.

  • Telephone Number: 1-888-870-7002
  • Email:
  • Website:

Call centre representatives are able to take your calls 7 days a week from 8 am to 6 pm.

More facts about Saskatoon First Aid

  • No other provider in Saskatchewan offers lower prices for open / public courses and private classes.
  • Participants don’t have to worry about the certification they receive. Awards meet Saskatchewan workplace requirements and are provided to participants immediately upon successful completion of the course.
  • A high volume of courses are available in order to provide you with the opportunity to find a course that meets your schedule.
  • The training facility is well-maintained, centrally located and provides ample free parking.
  • Instructors are highly trained, friendly and professional
  • A wide range of different courses are available including food handling, WHMIS, standard first aid, babysitting training and first responder training.

Visit the Saskatoon First Aid website today to find a course that meets your schedule.

What Are People Saying About Saskatoon First Aid?

Here’s the latest testimonial from this Saskatchewan provider:

I had a great class. The teacher made the class very interactive and provided great stories to help with the first aid scenarios. We all had a chance to practice our CPR on the mannequins. Our teacher, John, really built our confidence and kept everything simple. I was very pleased with the class.

We needed a re-certification course for our office and Saskatoon First Aid made the process very easy. We quickly setup a date and time and they provided a great price. We received our workplace approved certifications on the day of the course. Very professional group of individuals. I strongly recommend them.

Take a course today and see what Saskatoon First Aid has to offer.

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