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Mallet finger

A mallet finger is basically a finger deformity once a tendon is injured. In case a ball or an object hits the tip of the thumb or finger, the force injures the tendon that is responsible for straightening the finger. In some cases, the force from the blow can pull away a piece of bone […]

Pulled Hamstrings

Pulled Hamstrings

Pulled hamstrings result from excessive stretching of the muscles. The stretching may cause the muscle to tear and bleed. Bleeding leads to appearance of bruises at the site of injury. Pulled Hamstrings: What are hamstrings? Pulled hamstrings involve damage to the hamstrings. Hamstring muscles are the muscles located in the posterior compartment of thigh. Three […]

Greenstick Fractures First Aid

A child has softer bones that are more flexible as compared to the bones of an adult. Therefore, a child’s bones are more susceptible to bending and breakage. The damage resulting from the flexibility of a child’s bones is called a greenstick fracture. A greenstick fracture is not a complete breakage of a bone. A […]