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How To Treat Dizziness

Introduction What does it mean to feel dizzy? There are those who would describe this as feeling off balance or light headed, while others would describe this as feeling as though everything around them is spinning. Dizziness is something that many people have had at one point in their lives and is not considered serious. […]

How To Treat Dehydration

Introduction The human body relies on water in order to survive. Water is what helps to ensure your joints can move freely, helps to digest food, ensures that your eyes are lubricated, helps to keep the skin looking radiant and help to flush out the toxins and waste in the body. In fact, water, makes […]

Dealing with Red Eyes

Introduction When a person sees that their eye had become red, it can be very alarming. However, in the majority of cases this is minor and caused by conjunctivitis or a burst blood vessel. When there is pain that accompanies the red color it can be more serious. In cases, in which the red eye […]

Treating Cuts and Grazes

Introduction One of the most common injuries that people have are cuts and grazes. Grazes are defined as a problem in which just the layer of the skin is scraped off, though it may bleed slightly, it is only relatively painful and it heals quickly. There are situations in which a cut can take longer […]

How To Treat Alcohol Poisoning

Introduction When a person drinks a lot of alcohol to the point in which they are poisoning their bodies, usually over a small amount of time, they are binge drinking. This type of behaviour can have lasting consequences for the health of the drinker. In fact, this type of drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning […]

Treating Colds and Flu

Overview of Colds There are more than 200 germs (microorganisms) where you can catch a cold from. Cold germs are very sociable. They prefer to hang where there are crowds of people. If somebody coughs or sneezes, the germs are transmitted and look for somebody else to land on. Never cough or sneeze in the open air […]

First Aid For Choking

Causes of Choking Ever heard somebody cough while they were drinking or eating then later saying “that went down the wrong pipe?” At the rear of your throat air and food both move through a similar pipe for a small distance until the pipe splits into two tubes. The one pipe is known as the […]

Reducing A High Fever

Overview Of Fevers Fever occurs when the body temperature is higher the normal (a normal temperature is 98.60F or 370C) Points toward an irregular process within the body Fever is merely a symptom and not disease A fever is also referred to as ‘pyrexia‘ A low temperature is generally between: 98.80F to 100.80F A moderate temperature […]