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Management of Hepatitis: An Infectious Disease

Hepatitis means an inflammation of the liver. It can be caused by harmful chemicals or infectious agents. These infectious agents cause damage and inflammation of the liver that can be transmitted via fecal-oral route or sexual, parenteral, or perinatal route. The disease comes in different types, requiring various forms of treatment approach and management. The […]

infectious diseases

Vaccine For Preventable Infectious Diseases

A vaccine is a suspension of organisms or fractions of organisms that is used to induce immunity. Vaccination programs have been greatly successful in reducing morbidity and mortality from various infectious diseases. The great success of the eradication of smallpox serves as the model guide for other vaccination programs and proper first aid treatment. The […]


Save the Drowning: A First Aid Management

Drowning is the fourth leading cause of accidental death in the United States. There is an estimated 9,000 casualties and 80,000 near drowning accidents yearly. Approximately 40% of the drowning accidents are accounted to children below 4 years of age. Therefore, first aid management of drowning victims is a life saving measure we should all learn […]

Diabetes complication

Diabetes Complication and Management

If you know someone who has diabetes mellitus it may be a good idea to understand the nature of the condition and to know the best way of managing diabetes complications. You never know when a complication may arise and when you will need to give the person effective medical assistance. Diabetes can be controlled with proper medication, regular checkups, […]

allergic reaction

Immediate Actions for Severe Allergic Reaction

Anaphylaxis is a form of allergic reaction that can develop rapidly and may sometimes result in fatal consequences. It is caused when the body’s immune system has an extreme reaction when it is exposed to triggers called allergens. The symptoms may progress so fast that it could become a life threatening condition when not treated immediately. When […]