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The American Heart Association offers a variety of options for people who are interested to learn life saving skills.

CPR is cardiopulmonary resuscitation and it is an emergency first aid given to a patient who suffered cardiac arrest. This procedure is performed to restore blood circulation and breathing in a person who has occurred cardiac arrest. CPR involves providing chest compression manually to create an artificial circulation of blood to the heart. If CPR isn’t done immediately, the patient will die within 5 to 10 minutes. An emergency can occur anytime, so learning CPR courses will help you to respond quickly in emergency situations.

Features of CPR courses

  • If you are looking after any of your family member or friend who have occurred cardiac arrest before, and if anything such happens again in your presence,  then doing such courses will help you to respond quickly.
  • There are a variety of programs available that help people to act suddenly and to save lives of victims in emergency situations.
  • The training programs are developed without compromising realism and it makes every students’ convenience to practice.
  • Many health care providers have designed this course for professionals to recognize life threatening emergencies and to save the life of victims in an effective manner.

Benefits of taking CPR

Regular or Online CPR Courses First Aid

Regular or Online CPR Courses to Give First Aid toElderly People

In some industries they require professionals to undergo CPR courses, so that it can benefit other employees in emergency situations. CPR is an important skill which has to be learned by everyone. The certificate will provide you a better peace of mind. There are many benefits of learning such skills because it will last you for a lifetime.

  • If you know CPR, it will help you to prevent someone from causing death. Small children have the tendency to put small objects into their mouth and this may lead to choking. Sometimes choking is very dangerous and can lead to death. CPR will help you to save the life of your kids instead of wasting time to reach the hospital.
  • People who have the certificate of CPR can assist others. In certain situations, it is good to have multiple people certified with this course. One person can handle only one patent at a time and after sometimes they get tired. In such situations hospitals require more certified professionals from this field.
  • Knowing CPR will give more advantage to certain jobs. There are many jobs that require CPR certification and some of such jobs are life guards, personal trainer, child care, home nurse and baby sitter.
  • Those patients who are suffering from life threatening illness, a CPR will not benefit them. CPR only benefits people with better health status and also who are younger.

While pressing the chest can cause broken ribs or sore chest. So there are certain risks involved while performing CPR. After receiving CPR, patients can breathe through tubes. Patients suffering from more than 1 illness generally can’t survive even after receiving a CPR. This is why this skill has to be learned through a training program. CPR courses from reputed institutions will teach you how to perform CPR.

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