Basic and Advanced First Aid and CPR Training in Surrey

Would you know what to do if a loved one was having a heart attack? Would you know what to do if a friend was in a diabetic emergency or having a seizure? Learn valuable life saving skills and build your resume by enrolling in basic or advanced first aid and CPR courses in Surrey¬†here. This training provider has been offering WorkSafe BC OFA level 1, standard, emergency and childcare first aid courses in Surrey since 2008. Customers can select from two training locations in the Surrey area. One training centre is located in Newton and the other in Whalley. Both locations provide great access to public transit and ample amounts of free parking. Vancouver First Aid Ltd is popular because of its low prices, friendly staff, and wide range of number and volume of courses which fits the needs of busy people. Classes are never cancelled so you don’t need to worry about having to reschedule. to register for a basic or advanced first aid and CPR course in Surrey use the contact information provided below.

Register Here

Registering for a safety training, food safe or first aid and / or CPR courses in Surrey use the following contact information:

  • Website Address for on-line registration:
  • Telephone: 778-709-9180
  • Email:
  • Newton Surrey Training Location -7238 137th Street, Surrey, B.C.

The map below shows location details for the training centre.

Available Programs

This Surrey provider offers a wide range of courses involving food safety, first aid, CPR, AED and safety training. The following is a list of the courses offered with this provider

  • Standard first aid (Re-Certifications available)
  • Emergency first aid (Re-Certifications available)
  • Childcare first aid (Re-Certifications available)
  • CPR level “A”, “C” or “HCP” (Re-Certifications available)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)
  • Babysitting first aid
  • MSDS
  • TDG
  • Fire Safety
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • First Responder Training
  • Food Safe Level 1
  • Food Safe Level 2

For more information about courses available in Surrey visit the website today or call 778-709-9180

Bag Valve Mask

Bag valve mask used to provide rescue breaths for CPR HCP training.


Here’s what people are saying about this provider:

I learned so much in the two day course. I also came in for the food safe level 1 training. Great classrooms and the teachers are really fun. I really enjoyed it. We got to breathe into mannequins and spent a lot of time perfecting CPR. I definitely recommend these guys.

I really appreciated the professional business atmosphere this company provided. Other providers were difficult to get a hold of and kept rescheduling. None of that happened with my childcare first aid course in Surrey. Thank you for the great class.

Take a class today and experience what this provider has to offer.

Private classes

Trainees can book private programs if they want to have their training at home or at work, or even for events for companies and schools. You can inquire about booking them through e-mail ( or telephone call (778-709-9180).

WorkSafe BC Certification

Participants that complete WorkSafe BC occupational first aid level 1 training receive certification that is valid for 3 years. All certificates are valid for 36 months and some awards can be renewed by taking re-certification classes.

Course Fees in Surrey

Fees include taxes, certification costs, and workplace approved training manuals Рpaid once during enrolment. There are no additional expenses during the training period. If you drop out of your program and give a 72-hour notice beforehand, you are entitled to a full refund. Check out some of the popular course prices below

  • Standard first aid and CPR – 130.00
  • Emergency first aid and CPR – 75.00
  • Childcare first aid and CPR – 75.00
  • Stand-alone CPR training – 55.00
  • Re-certification’s – 25.00 – 75.00
First Aid and CPR Training in British Columbia

Select from either advanced or basic first aid and CPR courses available in Surrey, B.C.

Did You Know?

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