First Aid and CPR Training in Ottawa

St Mark James first aid and CPR training in Ottawa, Ontario

St Mark James first aid and CPR training in Ottawa, Ontario

Customers that are searching for a training centre for workplace approved courses in first aid, CPR, safety or food training should register with Ottawa First Aid. This quality training provider has been providing a wide range of courses since 2008. This provider is a Canadian St Mark James training provider that offers courses in standard, emergency and childcare first aid. Each first aid course includes certification and training in either CPR level “A”, “B”, “C” or “HCP”. Automated external defibrillator training is also included. Participants that require only CPR training may enrol in CPR “only” courses. Participants looking to renew expiring awards can attend re-certification classes as long as prerequisites are met.  If you want to enrol in a certification program, just visit the Ottawa First Aid website through this link. Food handling, fire safety, WHMIS and TDG class are also available. Registration for any course can be completed on-line, via telephone, email or on-line chat. To begin your on-line registration for first aid and / or CPR training in Ottawa, Ontario scroll to the bottom of this page to view the on-line registration form.

Ottawa First Aid

How to Register?

Registration for any course can be completed via the following methods:

  • To register via email use the following address:
  • To register on-line visit the following website:

Friendly, courteous and knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to help with any registration, questions, comments or concerns.

Lowest Prices in Ottawa

CPR Pocket Mask

CPR Pocket Mask

Courses are offered at the cheapest rates in Ottawa. Check with the competition, no other provider offers lower prices. All prices include taxes, certification, workplace approved registration, and training manuals that you can take home after completing the course. No hidden fees as well. Participants can attend these courses with a no-pressure mentality as you can re-take this course at no extra cost if you do not successfully complete the course the first time.

Full refunds and transfers are provided to participants that request a refund more than 72 hours prior to the course. Participants will not receive a refund if the request is within 72 hours of the course or after the class.

Best First Aid and CPR Training in Ottawa, Ontario

CPR ‘Only’ Training

Popular half-day courses are offered to participants that need stand-alone CPR training. These courses include AED training but no first aid training or certification is included. Three level’s are available for customers to choose from. These level’s include:

  • CPR level “A” – This CPR level focuses on CPR and AED rescue techniques as well as choking rescues for adult victims only.
  • CPR level “C” – This CPR level focuses on CPR and AED rescue techniques and choking rescues for victims of all ages.
  • CPR level “HCP” – This CPR level focuses on CPR and AED rescue techniques and choking rescues for victims of all ages at a health care provider level.

The following type’s of first aid can be partnered with the above mentioned CPR courses.

  • Standard first aid – two day training program.
  • Emergency first aid – one day training program.

If you want to sign up for a private class for an event, your business or for your home, you can do so by contacting us via email at A private course can be held at the Ottawa First Aid training facility or can be held at your location (if minimum space requirements are met).

St Mark James certification

Immediately upon successful completion of any workplace approved course participants will receive an award that is valid for 3 years throughout Canada. Many certificates are renewable every three years through refresher / re-certification programs. These programs are held at a minimum of twice a week at Ottawa First Aid training centre’s. Participants are strongly encouraged to check the prerequisites prior to attend a re-certification course. Ontario has the strictest re-cert policies in Canada.

Hands-on Training and Great Locations

Adult training mannequins

Adult training mannequins

All training centres in Ottawa are equipped wit the latest first aid kits, AED trainers, and training mannequins. You are offered the best learning environment possible with spacious and well-maintained classrooms. All of the centers are easily accessible, with parking and public transportation within walking distance.

Start you training with the short lesson below.

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