Importance of First Aid and CPR Training for Kidney Diseases

Considering that kidney diseases such as nephritis are more commonly associated to those who consume high amounts of alcohol on a regular basis or those who consume salty foods, many often think that these diseases only target a small portion of the population and that it does not affect children. However, several studies show that it is one of the most prevalent and deadliest group of diseases out there today. Here are some of these studies which show its prevalence and severity as well as why it should be managed through first aid and CPR training.

How deadly are kidney diseases?

First Aid and CPR Training Equipment

First Aid and CPR Training Equipment

According to Statistics Canada, nephrosis, nephritis and nephritic syndrome take the tenth spot in the list of the ten leading causes of death in the country. Even though these diseases belong in the last post in the list, they were still able to take the lives of many Canadians. According to the study, these diseases cause almost 4, 000 deaths every year. This number does not include those patients who died because of the complications of the said diseases. This means that the number of people who die from these diseases are actually quite high.

In order countries such as the United States, it also ranks high in the list of the leading causes of death in their respective countries. According to a news outlet in Kansas, kidney diseases take the lives of 17 out of 100, 000 Americans each year. As a matter of fact, it is the ninth leading cause of death in the city for 2012.

How many children are affected?

One of the kidney diseases which affect children called childhood nephrotic syndrome remain idiopathic which is why prevention is close to impossible especially for children since they do not have strong immune systems and mature organs and cells which can fend off these diseases. The prevalence rate of kidney diseases are relatively low. According to several reports, only 16 out of 100, 000 children suffer from a type or form of kidney disease. However, what is alarming is the fact that late diagnosis is common among children since symptoms such as swelling are often attributed by parents to injuries and other medical conditions that are common among children because of their playful age.

Taking first aid and CPR training can help parents manage the symptoms of kidney diseases which can still linger or be present weeks after successful treatment. First aid techniques will also allow parents to take care of their children during the treatment in which knowledge of pain management and other first aid methods can greatly help parents or guardians.


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