First Aid Re-Certifications

St Mark James training offers a number of different First Aid and CPR and stand-alone CPR courses that candidates are required to re-certify to maintain employment. These candidates include lifeguards, nurses, fitness instructors, and childcare workers to name a few. However, instead of attending the full course, candidates can register for a re-certification course (view the re-cert providers here) with either the St Mark James Training or any other provincially approved major provider.

Eligibility Requirements for Re-Certifications

In order to be eligible for a workplace approved first aid and CPR re-certification course, candidates must have a previous certificate from any one of these credible providers*:

  • St. John’s Ambulance
  • St Mark James Training
  • Vancouver First Aid
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • The Canadian Red Cross

*Participants in Ontario may only attend St Mark James Training re-certification courses if they have a current workplace approved certificate.

Candidates that have obtained a previous certification via an on-line course are not eligible for a re-certification course. Candidates that have certifications with other providers are eligible to take a renewal course with another provider as long as the certificate is for the same course. In other words, candidates with a provincially approved award are allowed to re-certify with the workplace approved. Candidates must also follow the following requirements to be eligible to attend a workplace approved Re-certification:

  • Certification award cannot be older than 3 years. Candidates with certificates older than 3 years must re-take the full course.
  • Candidates cannot attend a re-certification course that is a higher level course (example: Candidates are not eligible for CPR HCP re-certifications if previous certification award is CPR level C).

Candidates must bring previous certification card and present it to the instructor prior to the start of class.

It is important to note that re-certification requirements vary per province. Make sure to check the prerequisites of the provider you wish to register with to ensure you meet all requirements.

Featured  First Aid and / or CPR Re-Certifications

St Mark James has a number of courses that candidates can renew. The availability of the re-certification courses is dependant on province that they are located in. The first aid and CPR courses include:

  • Standard First Aid and CPR level “C”
  • Standard First Aid and Health Care Provider CPR
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR level “A”
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR level “C”
  • Standalone CPR “C” and AED
  • Standalone CPR HCP and AED

Not all courses provided through St Mark James Training are able to be re-certified. If your certificate is not listed in the list above you will likely have to re-take the course. Courses such as emergency and standard childcare first aid can not be re-certified, instead candidates must re-take the full course.

Certifications / Awards

Upon successful completion of a full course candidates will receive a certificate that is valid for 3 years and is equal to the value of a full course certificate.

Why Take a Renewal Course?

Renewal courses are significantly shorter and cheaper than full courses. For a more detailed description of each recert course select the either First Aid and CPR courses or standalone CPR courses from the main menu.

Re-certification training

Learn to provide the latest first aid and CPR techniques by enrolling in a re-certification near you.

Re-cert courses can be as short as half the length of the full course and almost half the price of the full course.

We offer several links to websites and locations so that candidates can attend a nationally accredited provider of first aid and CPR. We hope to make the renewal process as easy and straightforward as possible.