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Management of Hepatitis: An Infectious Disease

Hepatitis means an inflammation of the liver. It can be caused by harmful chemicals or infectious agents. These infectious agents cause damage and inflammation of the liver that can be transmitted via fecal-oral route or sexual, parenteral, or perinatal route. The disease comes in different types, requiring various forms of treatment approach and management. The […]

Vital Signs

Vital signs indicate the status of the cardiovascular system and the CNS and include pulse, respiratory rate and quality, blood pressure, and temperature. Abnormal vital signs indicate a serious injury or illness. When warranted, the vital signs should be assessed to establish a baseline of information. This is done by a clinician or any qualified […]

Appendicitis: Complications, Diagnosis and Recovery

Appendicitis means the blockage of the appendix as a result of food remains, dry stool and bacterial infection in the tube. It can lead to severe pain which worsens over time. Untreated appendicitis can result in the rupturing of the appendix, allowing bacteria to spread internally and cause severe infection and even death. Important disclaimer: […]