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Alert levels for cardiac disease

CPR Pocket Mask

We supply our trainees with barrier devices that they can carry around in case of a cardiac arrest emergency. This device is used when giving mouth-to-mouth ventilation to the victim.

Cardiac disease is one of the biggest burdens on American society. It is responsible for killing more than half a million Americans annually, with the numbers slowly rising each year. Coronary artery disease (CAD) is responsible for at least 380,000 of total deaths attributed to heart disease. But despite these alarming statistics made public through annual reports by the CDC, WHO, and AHA, the¬†deaths caused by preventable heart disease is still rising. People aren’t aware of how to properly give CPR and first aid, or even lifestyle modification to lower the risk of getting a heart disease.

Training in CPR

Training in CPR is made easy with our six locations spaced out through the country. We can be found in five states all over the US, from California to Washington. All of these locations offer the same CPR programs at the same rates. Of course, schedules may vary depending on the needs of the trainees in a particular city or area. However, all of our programs are continually monitored by certified CPR rescuers, with the curricula being updated with the latest CPR techniques and heart disease statistics.

Our programs are divided into basic and advanced CPR training. The former is grouped under Basic Life Support while the latter is grouped under Advanced Life Support. ALS programs may only be taken by health care professionals and BLS programs can be taken by both the public and health care workers.

Basic Life Support CPR training

  1. Basic CPR and AED – 4 hrs.
  2. Basic CPR and AED C – 4.5 hrs.
  3. Basic Life Support for HCPs – 4.5 hrs.
  4. Basic Life Support for HCPs re-certification – 4 hrs.

Advanced Life Support CPR training

  1. Advanced Cardiac Life Support – 2 days, 16 hrs.
  2. ACLS re-certification – 5 -6 hrs.
  3. Pediatric Advanced Life Support – 2 days, 14 hrs.
  4. PALS re-certification – 6-8 hrs.


Choose a city from the list below and start your CPR training today.

  1. California – San Francisco CPR, Los Angeles CPR
  2. Hawaii – Honolulu CPR
  3. Nevada – Las Vegas CPR
  4. Washington – Seattle CPR
  5. Oregon – Portland CPR


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